StayFrame is a boutique hotel & short-term vacation rental located in Lake Big Bear, CA. The hotel is an A-frame structure which features floor-to-ceiling glass walls, providing stunning views of the surrounding nature just steps outside. 

The Challenge
The hotel wanted a logo and brand design including stationary, business cards, and promotional material, which emphasized this unique indoor/outdoor experience in a fun, simplistic, and inviting way. 

The Solution
Plural Studio began the process by taking some time to learn about the hotel's guests. As it turns out, the overwhelming majority of its guests are city dwellers whose desire is to unplug from technology and reconnect with nature. We wanted the aesthetic of the logo to be inviting and quirky. And what better inspiration for these qualities than an A-frame home. 
We decided to design a logo mark which could be versatile enough to stand strong on its own, but also as part of a wordmark. This allowed for a wide array of fun and unique variations of the logo when combined with illustrated design elements that were also created for the brand.
The brand colors that were chosen are a modern take on traditional hues found in nature; from the deep teal of a fresh water lake, the delicate green-grey of a moss-covered tree branch, to the rich orange tone of worn leather.


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