Not just an event venue, but an experience to last a lifetime. Legacy at Oak Meadows is a rustic event venue space located in Pierson, Florida. It features an open air barn, a summer kitchen, and a verdant surrounding property. Whether celebrating a wedding or holding an event public or private, Legacy at Oak Meadows is dedicated to providing its customers with an unforgettable experience.​​​​​​​
Target Audience
Most people who are interested in renting this venue are between 23 to 45 years old. A lot of women love the venue's luxurious and feminine style, according to the client, but they wanted a timeless yet modern logo which appealed to both men and women.
The Process
After referencing photos of the venue and surrounding grounds, I decided to draw inspiration from the pastoral landscape. As the property was formerly a thriving farm, I wanted to create a subtle nod to its heritage. Three custom fonts surround the icon, creating a sense of elegance, balance and timelessness. 

In addition to the logo, I designed a brand guide for the new design. Using photography provided by the client, I designed an elegant presentation which embodies the timeless aesthetic of the brand refresh.


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