As Shield AI continued its rapid growth from a startup to a company of over 500 employees spanning offices in San Diego, Dallas, Washington D.C. and abroad, we realized there was a need to create an online store which offered a wide range of company-branded merchandise to our teams to boost employee engagement and brand awareness. 
The Solution
In a discovery phase for this project, my team and I identified a vendor that would be able to offer us a storefront platform that was easy to manage and update internally, at a price point that worked within budget. We partnered with Creative Promotional Products, an Illinois-based company specializing in offering unique, innovative and customized solutions for its customers. Throughout the development of this online store, I managed:
• The selection of merchandise that would be available on the storefront
• The branding and designs that would be printed on all items, including apparel, accessories, and custom shipping boxes
• The design of the storefront that aligned with brand standards, and integrated seamlessly within the rest of the company's digital presence
• The ordering and restocking of inventory across the product lineup
Once the storefront went live in the summer of 2022, it was an instant hit with Shield AI's employees. The marketing team received a lot of positive feedback on the functionality of the site, the products we selected and offered, as well as the ease of ordering.


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