Every year, the Canadian Association of Co-ops and Mutuals hosts a Congress for co-operatives and mutuals across Canada. This annual Congress helps the whole Canadian movement come together for thought-provoking sessions about industry and networking, with a gala being its headline event.
This year, the theme is "Navigating Change Together," and will be hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The main theme comes from suggestions and requests from its members throughout the 13 provinces and territories of Canada - they want support and help to adapt to a changing world and would like to have the tools to adapt properly. This year, the Congress will touch on subjects such as digitization, AI, labor challenges, no-growth economy, and data management. The Congress will be all about the changes and how the Canadian co-ops can plan and act to ensure their ongoing success in the changing landscape.
For this design, careful consideration was given to the theme "Navigating Change Together." As the Canadian Association of Co-ops and Mutuals spans the 13 provinces and territories, I wanted to design a logo mark which visually communicated this. The challenge of this project was to create the distinctive silhouette of a maple leaf using only 13 lines radiating from the stem without it looking like a star. The final design is a modern interpretation of a national symbol, representing unity, teamwork, and national pride.


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