Eros Chocolatier embarks on an exciting journey to explore the world of love and pleasure through taste. They craft aphrodisiac chocolate, designed especially for couples.
Their unique blend combines the finest cocoa with traditional aphrodisiacs such as Ginseng and Maca. The brand ties into Greek mythology, specifically to Eros, the god of love, creating a bridge between the sensual delight of chocolate enjoyment and romantic love.
Target Audience
Eros targets young couples aged 18 to 35, with an estimated distribution of 60% male and 40% female. The brand aspires to be more than just a product – they aim to offer an experience that awakens the senses and strengthens the connection between partners.
The Process
During the discovery phase of the design process, the client communicated that Eros is not just a brand; it's a sensation, a blend of timeless romance, and bold innovation. Their aphrodisiac chocolate line is crafted with tradition and a touch of the unexpected, and they wanted a logo that encapsulates this very essence.
Drawing on the inspiration of Ancient Greek pottery and bold silhouettes, I crafted a logo of an archer in flight, his bow taught. The tip of the arrow was crafted into a 6-point star, representing pleasure through taste that ignites with the chocolate's unique blend of aphrodisiacs.
Many iterations and refinements were spend on the design of the wings. The final design pairs simplicity with intrigue, a handcrafted effect conveyed through the imperfections found in a stamp.


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