As Shield AI continues its trajectory of rapid growth in an increasingly competitive defense technology industry, it was critical that positive first impressions at large-scale events were made on visitors including industry leaders, customers, and investors. We wanted to design a space that reflected the company's mission statement and products, as well as implement a major brand refresh that my team and I developed and launched shortly before this project kicked off.
For this project, we partnered with Smörgåsbord​​​​​​​, a firm specializing in event booth design and construction. A couple requirements of the space were provided early on in the process:
• A conference room that could comfortably hold 4-5 people was needed within the space to hold private meetings.
• Shield AI's 3 products, Hivemind, V-BAT, and Nova 2, needed to be showcased in such a way so as to allow the visitors to learn about the product through exploration, and in some cases, interaction.​​​​​​​
We landed on a design that allowed the users to walk through the space freely, interact with elements of the booth to learn about the company and its products, and provided a large conference room where private meeting could be held. Through the thoughtful use of lighting, materials, and interactive elements such as a 35-screen iPad wall, the space reflected Shield AI's position as an industry leader in the defense technology market.
After the successful launch of the domestic booth, a smaller version was designed using the same materials and color scheme for international events. ​​​​​​​


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